Message From the Desk of The Principal Dr. M.K. Malathi

Ignite the minds – of whom? How?

“Full many a gem of purest ray serene
The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bare;
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
And waste its sweetness on the desert air”.

– Thomas Gray

To the first citizen of India goes the credit of having pointed out the Gordian knot of the coils of wires that subjugate India’s emergence to be a super power.

Igniting the Minds, especially of the young to believe in them, to believe in their country and to believe in its destiny making global role is the first step making India a super power in the world.

For India to become a super power, one of the elementary steps is to eradicate poverty, bring in equity and provide equal opportunities to all its citizens. Only when all the citizens of the Nation feel and be assured of the Nation belonging to everyone of them, the whole of them unite together in their resolved that their Nation should become the super power, said the poet Bharathi.

“Naamirukkum Naadu namadenbadarindom; idhu
Namake Urimaiyaam enbadarivam”

(We became aware that the Nation were we live is ours; We shall further be aware that it belongs to none but us)

Yes. The minds should be ignited towards what? The minds of all the young from the Poshest metropolises to the most backwaters should be united to bring in form and content and for an equitable society.

This is possible and feasible when the nation and the policy makers resolve to make their planning process focus on content rather than form. When the rules go not just on the motions of law; but follow the process of law.

When such an attitudinal change is accomplished, the primary schools in the remotest villages will offer the best that is available in the school of the metropolises; the primary Health Centers in the villages offer the best of care and treatment is available elsewhere; the infrastructural Road Map of India will become Uniform and non-discriminatory. All this and more such measures will result in providing equal opportunities to everybody.

On such a day, to quote Lata Mr. Thomas Gray, “In my country, no gem of purest ray serene will remain burrried in “The dark unfathom caves of ocean”; and waste its sweetness on the desert air”.

Mr. President! We resolve to make your dreams a reality by choosing the right methodology. We will ignite the minds of the young to unite the minds of all our people by making them equal in letter and spirit.

Thus United together, my Whole Nation’s mind would then be ignited. India will emerge as a super power, not only due to its superior military strength but essentially due to its having achieved the noble ideal of creating a sense of belonging to everyone of its son and daughter, thus having created a willing and dedicated human force who will make their nation proud.

Jai Hind!