Message From the Desk of Hony.Secretary Er. Gautam. P. Vaid

“UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL” is an age-old time-tested proverb. But yet we fall prey to the “DIVIDE AND RULE” policy of the opportunistic Rulers and Foreign powers. Our ancient heritage of rich culture, bountiful treasure, extensive knowledge, Spiritually-powered Value-System, etc. etc., could not withstand this negative force which gradually diminished the glitter of yesteryears.

We only live to feel comfortable in every situation, and are mentally conditioned to make adjustments. Our deep-rooted religious or Spiritual characteristics prevail on us to trust others, and express sympathies for one and another. It is probably this way, that we have survive all the onslaughts, and one the admiration of the world.

Free Flow of any commodity does not tender its true value to its consumer, be it water, air or any other essential matter or even the Living Beings. Abundance diminishes its value, and its scarcity makes it precious. As for example, water holds high stakes in TamilNadu and Rajasthan especially during summer compared to its importance in the states of Punjab and Andhra etc. Similarly, the growth of over population is probably eroding Human Values leading to tense environment all around us. When our Coffers were empty, we started “Thinking Global” and invited partners of progress in the name of Globalization, referring to the World as one Global Village with a common market.

Similarly the depleting wealth of Forest, Vegetation, Animals, Birds etc and the hazards of Pollution made us realize, the causes for the shortage of Rainfall (Water), Oxygen in atmosphere leading to natural calamities and disasters. That is how we become eco-friendly environment conscious and animal activists etc. etc.

We partition our ‘Bharat’ and today spend our fortune to defend ourselves in the name of ‘Cross Border Terrorism’ , tempting the mighty powers to feel us with the required fodder of Aid and Ammunition.

Is it not puzzling that the ‘Father of Globalization’ is attempting to wipe away Terrorism from this Globe by Waging Wars, Ruling Economic Sanctions or stopping Aids from United Nations Sponsored Agencies? The future holds the key to this puzzle. Probably the European Nations have realized the impact of the Economic Threat, and thus sunk all their political differences and joined up together forming European Union with a common currency of ‘Euro Dollar’, after the amalgamation of East and West Germany. Similarly, South and North Korea have aligned their boundaries to gain strength. It is thus heartening to witness the close-up relationships emerging out of crisis, though not from affinity.

Let us therefore feel optimistic that more and more we are cornered in all the spheres, we will become stronger, craving for unity. Our National Leaders have today started planning and declaring, the linking of all Rivers in the Nation so as to avoid the frequent havocs of Drought and Floods across the country, that has washed away our Economy, divided our people and caused all types of suffering. Even though it appears economically imaginary and magical, we will feel truly blessed with one Master River fully interlinked – proving to be the Life Line of our Nation.

After pure water from River we need adequate pollution-free air to breathe healthily, and for which we can be fortunate, drawing comfort from the reverberating Noble thoughts of our Hon’ble Rashtrapathiji, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam that are vividly explained in his written works of ‘Vision -2020’, ‘Wings of Fire’ and ‘Ignited Minds’(before assuming his office). His Life-Mission to ignite and unite the young minds to singular line of thought and Action in realizing the Vision and Dream of developed India within two decades by setting apart all disparities, difference and obstacles, reminds the only definite solution for removing the suffocation, engulfing us all along.

We therefore, appear confident now to expect the Brightest Sunshine, Cooler Environment and pleasant growth, resulting from fusion of our thoughts, after experiencing the subtle pressure of competition and insecurity and witnessing the turmoil in the global arena. The Chain Reactions do teach us to form a Human Chain, holding hand as how of Unity or Solidarity, symbolizing strength for all purposes. This goal is now being targeted by all Humans and when achieved will then truly reflect ‘Zero Terrorism’ and Cent perCent Globalization.

Hence dear young Friends, let us enthusiastically strive hard with all sincerity to march and work, with the same spirit and vision, regaining our lost Glory and conquering the Frontiers of Peace and Prosperity.

My Hearty Congratulations to all the members of GSS Family particularly the Dynamic and Zealous Principal Dr. M.K. Malathi, the spirited team of Faculty Members and result-oriented beloved Students, for the successful and eventful year of several creditable achievements, recorded in this colourful and attractive College Magazine. I extend my best Wishes for your bright and Rosy Future, invoking the blessings of Almighty God and Gurudev Bhagwan to strengthen our bonds , to make us wiser and cheerfull.

Om Shanthi… Jai Hind…